Flinders University Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship PhD Scholarship, Australia 2023


Application is now open for the Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship PhD Scholarship at Flinders University. Interested candidates are encouraged to send their applications in before the deadline date.

About Flinders University and Scholarship

Flinders University, located in Adelaide, South Australia, is a notable public research university with a presence spanning 11 locations in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Established in 1966, it was named in honor of the British navigator Matthew Flinders, who conducted explorations and surveys of the Australian and South Australian coastlines during the early 19th century.

Flinders University is currently offering a PhD scholarship as part of the ARC Future Fellowship Project: “Molecular movies using time-resolved momentum spectroscopies.” This exciting research project falls within the fields of physics, chemistry, and/or material science and is conducted at the Institute of Nanoscale Science and Technology, which is housed within the College of Science and Engineering at Flinders University.

The selected candidates will engage in research that aligns with the project’s objectives. This research involves using a combination of computational and/or experimental approaches to investigate the dynamics of electron motion in molecules and/or materials after they have absorbed light. The ultimate goal is to gain insights into how electron behavior influences physical processes and can potentially induce chemical changes. This project offers a unique opportunity for researchers interested in delving into the intriguing world of molecular dynamics and their role in various phenomena.

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The chosen candidate will work at Flinders University (Bedford Park Campus) under the surveillance of Dr Darryl Jones, an ARC Future Fellow.

Details about the Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship PhD Scholarship at Flinders University:

Scholarship Sponsor: Flinders University, Australia

Scholarship Value: $33,000 per annum

Number of awards: N/A

Study level: PhD

Host Institution(s): Flinders University, Australia


The scholarship opportunity comprises the following benefits:

  • A stipend is valued at $33,000 per annum, based on the 2023 rate. This stipend is provided tax-free, allowing scholars to help themselves during their research efforts.
  • The scholarship is available for a duration of up to 3 years, enabling recipients to pursue their research projects over an extended period.
  • Candidates who are Australian Citizens, New Zealand Citizens, or Permanent Residents are qualified for a Research Training Program Fee Offset Scholarship. This component covers the cost of tuition fees, ensuring that scholars can focus on their research without the burden of educational costs.

Note: Proposer to indicate whether an expansion is feasible.

Eligible Criteria for Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship PhD Scholarship

Applicants are advised to meet the following prerequisites to be qualified for the Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship PhD Scholarship at Flinders University:

  • Possess citizenship from either Australia or New Zealand, or hold permanent residency status; and
  • Fulfill the PhD admission requirements which include having an Australian Honours degree Class 1 or 2A or an equivalent qualification (at least AQF Level 8), with a research component of at least six months of full-time study culminating in a Distinction (75%) OR demonstrating equivalent research experience with a substantial first-author refereed publication or a track record as an investigator on a competitive grant.
  • Be prepared to begin studying for a PhD at Flinders University full-time in the first semester of 2024.
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Selection Criteria

  • Within three months after receiving the offer, the student must begin the scholarship.
  •  The following conditions must be met for funding to continue:

o Student meeting the conditions for Flinders advancement

o The student has to submit an application for the October AGRTPS or FURS scholarship round. They are expected to reapply for this upgrade every year if they are unsuccessful on their first try.

o The student’s financing support might be withdrawn if they don’t fit the requirements listed above. 

Application Process for Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship PhD Scholarship

Applications for admission to candidacy for the HDR are made online using the link below; applications for the scholarship will be processed separately.


Those who have not yet applied for admission to a relevant HDR but are interested in the scholarship possibility must do so as well. Admissions instructions are available at https://www.flinders.edu.au/study/apply/apply-research-degree/how-to-apply.

  • The scholarship application must be cited in the “Supervisor confirmation.”
  • Only in the following cases will the Ph.D. entrance application be evaluated: If the candidate is granted the scholarship 


Prospective applicants are encouraged to explore their interest in and eligibility for the opportunity with Dr. Darryl Jones, the project lead, by email at darryl.jones@flinders.edu.au before completing the scholarship Application Form

Subject to discussion, the chosen applicant will preferably start in early 2024. The application form below must be completed, along with any other required supporting documentation. You may also need to include a copy of your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience, education, and research background as well as your motivation for applying for the scholarship.  

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Note: Should the post be filled, applications may shut sooner.

The Submission Deadline is: December 1, 2023


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