Flinders University OS-HELP Loans, Australia 2023


Application is now open for the Flinders University OS-HELP Loans. Interested candidates are encouraged to send in their applications before the deadline date.

About Flinders University and Program

Flinders University, located in Adelaide, South Australia, is a prominent public research institution with a presence across 11 locations spanning South Australia and the Northern Territory. Established in 1966, the university takes its name from the renowned British navigator, Matthew Flinders, who conducted extensive explorations and surveys along the Australian and South Australian coastlines in the early 19th century.

One valuable opportunity for Australian-based students pursuing studies abroad is the OS-HELP loan. This loan program aims to support eligible students in their overseas academic endeavors. Students have the flexibility to apply for an OS-HELP loan at any time during the year, as long as it falls within 6 months of the commencement of their overseas travel. It’s important to note, however, that Flinders University maintains a limited allocation of OS-HELP loans, and this allocation may be depleted before the end of each academic year.

As of the current status, Flinders University is approaching the depletion of its OS-HELP loan allocation for the year 2023. Once this allocation is exhausted, applications for 2023 will be closed. Students who are planning to embark on overseas journeys in 2023 and have not yet applied for or secured a loan are strongly advised to ensure they have adequate financial resources to cover their travel expenses. The university cannot guarantee the availability of loans for the remainder of the year. It is anticipated that loans will become available once more in January for students preparing for overseas studies in 2024 or for those whose overseas study in 2023 extends into 2024.

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Details about Flinders University OS-HELP Loans:

Scholarship Sponsor: Flinders University, Australia

Scholarship Value: Varies dependent on the destination

Number of awards: N/A

Study level: Postgraduate


Host Institution(s): Flinders University, Australia


Each chosen student will get OS-HELP help up to the maximum amount that they have requested;

  • $7,348 (if you do not study in Asia); or
  • $8,837 in case you want to study in Asia; and
  • An extra $1,172 if you want to study Asian languages in particular to get ready for studying abroad.

Flinders University OS-HELP Loans – Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are advised to meet the following requirements to be eligible for Flinders University OS-HELP Loans:

  • Possess an Australian passport, an Australian Permanent Humanitarian Visa, or a New Zealand passport that satisfies specific requirements and has lived in Australia for an extended period since infancy (for more information, visit the Study Assist website); and
  • Be enrolled in a Commonwealth-funded program at Flinders University that will result in a higher education award; and
  • Possess satisfactorily finished at least 36 units of study in Australia toward the program of study for which funding is being requested as a Commonwealth-funded student; and
  • Be pursuing full-time education abroad; and
  • Allow their time spent studying abroad to be applied toward their degree; and
  • Be obliged to finish their course of study after returning from their study abroad by completing at least 4.5 units of study.
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OS-HELP help will not be granted to a student who:

  • has already gotten OS-HELP more than once; or
  • has been given a six-month study term that overlaps with an OS-HELP loan.

Selection Criteria

The GPA for the last 36 units of study will be used to establish the academic merit of applicants who match the qualifying requirements. Additionally, the degree to which the applicant’s Flinders University studies would be aided by the planned program of abroad study will also be taken into consideration. Students participating in exchange programs that have been authorized by the international office of Flinders University will be given preference.

The International Scholarships Committee members and the Director of Student Administration and Systems, or their nomination, shall make up the Selection Committee. Within two months following the application deadline, OS-HELP applicants will get written notice of the selection process’s results. Those who are accepted will get an offer letter outlining the requirements for getting an OS-HELP loan.

Application Procedure for Flinders University OS-HELP Loans

The loan application process for OS-HELP consists of two steps:

  • Applications must be submitted electronically via the Student Information System at Flinders University. To apply, applicants must log in and go to the My Scholarships page. The “OS-HELP” application is the name of the form. 
  • Your online application will be evaluated after it has been submitted. If your application is accepted and you satisfy all eligibility requirements, you will have to send Student Finance Services an OS-HELP debt confirmation form.
  • Please download the 2022 OS-HELP Statement of Terms and Conditions or visit the Australian Government Study Assist website for more information regarding OS-HELP aid, including repayment details. 
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The evaluation procedure takes around three weeks from the time an application is filed. Payment will be withheld if any portion of your application, supporting documents, or eCAF is missing or inaccurate. Normally, payment is sent out six weeks following your original application. Higher priority will be given in the loan evaluation process to students who fulfill the eligibility requirements at the time of application and submit full applications with all supporting paperwork.

The Application Deadline is: December 6, 2023


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